10" 1.65kW (2HP) Cabinet Table Saw


* The Cabinet Table Saw of Item No.709043 is equipped with CE Version blade guard.
* The Cabinet Table Saws of Item No.709045 and 709043 are equipped with Industrial Grade magnetic switch.

·558 x 725 mm (22”x 28-1/2”) TiN coated table
·Industrial 2.2kW (3 HP) TEFC motor
·Spring cushion system for ease of spindle lifting
·Heavy duty self contained spindle lifting system
·Solid Dovetail guide-ways for superior accuracy and durability
·Luxury industrial grade fence system for accurate position
·Built-in 4″ dust collection port on fence housing
·Control panel with 4-speed indicators is convenient for operator
·Magnetic safety switch and thermal overload protection

The ALPHA Series HW110LC-36 is designed and engineered to set new standards for professional table saws. It features a 800 mm (31-1/2”) extra deep cast iron table for much safer wood cutting; permanent PVD coating on the entire table top with Titanium Nitride (TiN) for rust prevention and less friction; the innovative COMPASS miter gauge; the oversized T-square fence system with dual-position viewers for the hi-low fence positions; the newly developed blade guard with aerodynamic optimization of air flow; massive cast iron cabinet-mounted trunnion; and dust shroud with built-in dust collection connections for the upper and lower dust ports.

“Good Enough is Not Enough” is the ideal used to design every detail of the HW110LC-36. Woodworkers who are most passionate about quality tools will be well served by this table saw.

product details

TiN Coated Table

The permanent PVD coating on the entire table top with Titanium Nitride (TiN) provides superb rust prevention and less friction.
The 2.800 mm (31-1/2”) extra deep cast iron table provides much safer wood cutting.

Worm Gear Trunnion System

The cast iron trunnion is mounted to the cabinet insuring stability and accuracy. The worm gear system provides quick and accurate blade height and bevel adjustments.

Innovative ”GLIDER” Blade Guard/Plug-in Quick-Release System

The “GLIDER” blade guard with aerodynamic optimization improves the dust collection efficiency. The special transparent blade guard provides visibility for aligning the saw blade with the intended line of cut. Both side barriers automatically adjust to the thickness of the advancing workpiece.
The patented “plug-in quick change” system allows you to change the blade guard and riving knife within a few seconds without the removal of the table insert.

Powerful Motor with Safety Switch

1.65kW (2HP) TEFC Motor:Powerful enough to provide long term performance even in the toughest conditions.
Magnetic Safety Switch:The magnetic safety switch with thermal overload protection can prevent the motor from being damaged by overheating.

Heavy Duty T-square Fence System

Hi-Low Fence plate :The high-low positions of the fence allow the user to best match the fence height to the workpiece for safer operation.
Forward and Backward Movement:The fence plate can be moved forward and backward. The back position is beneficial for many ripping and crosscutting operations.

Unlike any existing product, COMPASS MG-36 is a newly developed Miter Gauge with state-of-the-art Harvey design. The unique structure of MG-36 ensures positive angle setting accuracy as high as 1/20th degree without need of adjustment, this incredible accuracy can be transferred directly to your project. Every part of the body and fence are made of T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and hardened steel, then completely CNC precision machined to accuracies without any molding process. Each aluminum part is anodized with beautiful color and finish. The standard fence plate has 915 mm (36”) crosscut capacity which meets most of your cutting demands. The fence is equipped with an accurate flip stop and locking knob at any position.

Most importantly, COMPASS MG-36 is uniquely designed with a Quick-Action positive angle setting device which allows you to set -60°, -22.5°, 0°, +22.5°, +45°, +60 positive angles with single handed operation.

MG-36 “COMPASS” Miter Gauge

Dual Viewers on Hi-Low Fence

The ripping width can be easily read with the dual independent, magnifying, scale viewers.

Optimized Dust Collection System

Upper and lower dust collection is achieved simultaneously for clean and enjoyable cutting.

Optional Accessories

Router Table

Sliding Crosscut Table

Universal Overhead Blade Guard System

Rear Table

Universal Mobile Base

Zero Clearance Insert

Dado Blade

Tenoning Jig

Model Number



10″ 2HP Cabinet Table Saw

10″ 1.65kW Cabinet Table Saw

10″ 1.65kW Cabinet Table Saw


North America



Item No.




Product Dimensions


411 lbs

186.5 kg


70-3/4” x 49-3/4” x 48-1/4”

1795 x 1265 x 1225 mm


20-1/4” x 19-5/8”

498 x 512 mm



Magnetic with Thermal Overload Protection



TEFC, Capacitor Start, Induction

Power, Voltage, Frequency,Phase




3500 RPM

2900 RPM

Power Transfer

V-Ribbed Belt Drive

Blade information

Maximum Blade Diameter


254 mm

250 mm

Riving Knife Thickness


2.5 mm

Available Blade Plate Thickness


1.8-2.4 mm

Available Blade Kerf Thickness


2.6-3.2 mm

Maximum Width of Dado


20.6 mm

Blade Tilt

Left 0-45°

Arbor Diameter at Blade


15.875 mm

30 mm

Arbor Speed

3850 RPM

Arbor Bearings

Sealed and Permanently Lubricated

Cutting Capacities

Maximum Depth of Cut at 90°


79.4 mm

70 mm

Maximum Depth of Cut at 45°


55.5 mm

50 mm

Maximum Rip, Right of Blade


915 mm

Maximum Rip, Left of Blade


228 mm

Table Information



867 mm

Main Table – Length/Width/Thickness

31-1/2″ x 22-7/16″ x 1-13/16″

800 x 570 x 46.5 mm

Cast Iron Table – Length/Width/Thickness

31-1/2″ x 29-3/4″ x 1-13/16″

800 x 755 x 46.5 mm

Distance Between the Front Edge of Table to Center of Blade


475 mm

Distance Between the Front Edge of Table to Blade at Maximum Height


356 mm

Fence information

High Fence Plate Size

3-27/64″ x 39-3/8″

87 x 1000 mm

Low Fence Plate Size

1/2″ x 39-3/8″

12.7 x 1000 mm

Miter Gauge

Miter Gauge Slot Type


Miter Gauge Size – Width/Height

3/4” x 3/8”

19.05 x 9.5 mm

Other Information


Powder Coated

Dust Port Size


100 mm