Universal Gauge


There are two 90-degree references within the functionality of the UG-1, one fixed and one utilizing the protractor arm. In use, both utilize the reference hook on the back of the tool or the parallel magnetic reference base.

The 45-degree quadrant is laser etched with 0.5 mm (0.02”) resolution.Combining this adjustability with the reference hook of the body creates an efficient layout tool or set-up tool. It also features quick reference icons for the common angles needed to make polyangular forms.

It is fast and easy to set the protractor arm to either 6:1 or 8:1 dovetail ratios using the icons as a reference.

Use the depth gauge to determine the depth of mortises, dado’s, rabbets, holes, and other assorted recesses.

The height gauge is primarily used as a precise way to set the height of circular saw blades, JMP blades, router bits, and shaper cutters.

The marking gauge on the UG-1 is a quick way to layout lines a specific distance from the hook reference. It works well for tenon layout and other smaller scale applications where parallel lines of a known distance are required.

The UG-1 can be used to quickly find dead center of stock up to 140mm (5.5″) in width. By aligning the two same numbers on the right and left of the stock, the rule will indicate center at the 0 mark.

The marking gauge of the UG-1 features opposing scales, one imperial, one metric.

There are times where a magnetic base is ideal when you need both
hands for other tasks.

The UG-1, both left and right versions, are the ideal JMP accessory.
Precisely controlling blade height, tilt and fence angles has never been easier.


The Universal Gauge (UG-1) is one of the handiest protractors and layout tools we have ever designed and is made for makers who have limited space and those who understand the value of their time.It is perfect for setting or checking angles on table saw blades, jointer fences, band saw blades, drill press tables and much more.

Universal Gauges are available in left and right versions and in Imperial and Metric.

OAL with blade @90 degrees

187 mm


OAH with blade @90 degrees

153 mm


Body Height Only

100 mm


Magnetic Sole Width

16 mm


Weight (exclusive of packaging)

217 g

0.478 lbs

Depth Gauge Capacity

75 mm


Depth Gauge Minimum Hole Capacity

10 mm


Height Gauge Capacity

75 mm


Marking Gauge Capacity

70 mm


Protractor Resolution



Center Rule Capacity

120 mm


Rule Units

0.5 mm



UG-1 I-L



Universal Gauge

Universal Gauge Kit

Package Weight

0.51 kg (1.12 lbs)

0.956 kg (2.11 lbs)

Package Size

225 x 205 x 53 mm (8-7/8 x 8-1/16 x 2-1/16″)

433 x 205 x 55 mm (17-1/16 x 8-1/16 x 2-3/16″)



Model Number

Item Number

Universal Gauge Imperial Left

UG-1 I-L


Universal Gauge Imperial Right

UG-1 I-R


Universal Gauge Metric Left

UG-1 M-L


Universal Gauge Metric Right

UG-1 M-R


Universal Gauge Imperial Kit



Universal Gauge Metric Kit