They are made from anodized aluminum and finished by glass bead blasting, which make them not only have good anti-friction and high hardness but also the exquisite appearance of matte finishing.

These two small and flexible tools weighing only 0.055kg each. It’s a wise choice for woodworkers to use them in making joints. They can be put in your pocket so that you can use and appreciate them frequently.


Since ancient times, the mortise and tenon joint has been one of the most classical jointing methods in woodworking. For efficiency and accuracy, the mortise is made before tenon. Also, to avoid a loose fit, the width of kerf and tenon need to be carefully measured and marked by hand, which is complicated and errors can easily occur. Needless to say, a perfect fit is difficult to control.

The TM-1 and KM-1 can avoid the above problem. There is no need to comply the making order, also the measurement of kerf, mortise and tenon is unnecessary. What you need to do is position the two sliders, and then the precisely fitted joints can be made in three steps.

The KM-1 consists of one block, two sliders and two locking knobs. Once you confirm the tenon or the width of block, precisely groove can be made by three steps.

Step 1 Confirm the width of kerf
Confirm the width of the blade kerf by using the distance between orange sliders and blocks.

Step 2 Confirm the width of tenon
Confirm the width of the tenon, put the tenon between block and slider and set the width of tenon by clamping tightly.

Step 3 Cutting
Cut successively by using the orange slider and the block against the fence as a flip stop to achieve a precise groove.

Models Number


Item Number 


Overall size

81 x 31 x 13 mm


0.055 kg (0.121 lbs)


Package Weight

0.165 kg (0.36 lbs)

Package Size

135 x 135 x 30 mm (5-5/16 x 5-5/16 x 1-3/16″)