Mini Block Plane


Plane for fixed thickness
The most amazing capability of the small block plane is the ability to thickness plane small stock. By placing any reference material such as acrylic, Masonite, playing cards under the front and rear of the sole, you can drop the skids to your workbench surface and tighten. Set the iron depth to a comfortable depth and plane until the plane quits cutting. All of your stock will be within 0.001” (0.025mm). The plane depth skids are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which ensures low friction and durability.

Milled from aluminum billet
The HP-8, machined from a solid aluminum billet, is durable and rust resistant.

Precise blade adjustment system
The HP-8 plane has an adjustable blade depth mechanism with a feed adjustment knob, which makes the settings easy and accurate. Rotating the adjustment knob one turn can make a fine adjustment of 0.35 mm (1/64”) in the blade depth. A 30 degree and a 50° honing guide are available to reduce tear-out in figured woods or reversing grains.
The blade is made of tool steel with a fine grind on both sides, which makes the cutting edge razor sharp. It can reach the hardness of HRC 60-62. You can achieve a great finish with your HP-8.


The HP-8 is a tool for planing, chamfering and trimming of small wood stock. It also functions as a wood stock thick- nesser that other ordinary planes cannot accomplish. The tolerance is also maintained not to exceed 0.025 mm (0.0001”) while planing hundreds of small pieces of wood stock.

One woodworker said, ” When I can’t find my HP-4 (very similar to the HP-8) I get the exact same feeling when I can’t find my wallet—I can’t live without this tool in my shop “

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Mini Block Plane

Package Weight

0.48 kg (1.05 lbs)

Package Size

200 x 135 x 65 mm (7-7/8 x 5-5/16 x 2-9/16″)